IT consulting

Can you imagine hitting your company’s targets more quickly and by using fewer resources? Or even setting more ambitious goals?

A lot of the time, the technology we need to improve our position already exists. It has been tried and optimised for years by companies similar to ours. However, we may not be aware of its existence and we may not be able to afford it.

Plus, a lot of the time, we don’t even realise that we need it!

We study each individual case, so we can offer you bespoke solutions based on your needs, objectives and your company’s environment.


Development and implementation

In our developments we use standards, and we work essentially on open code platforms, which translate into a series of benefits:

  1. Financial: you don’t have to pay for user licenses.
  2. Strategic: here you have full control over your product (this may appear logical…but it is not often the case in this sector).

As it is open code, at any time you can decide to continue the project with another team in order to provide support and future enhancements and changes.


Online solutions

We classify our projects based on their subject area:

– eCommerce

The Internet gives small companies the power to compete on fair terms with the strongest players on the market.

You only need to have your own e-commerce.

We develop your virtual shop with the level of complexity you want or need, and provide all the security guarantees your company and customers require.


– eLearning

Want to be available 24 hours a day to teach classes to students in any country in the world?

That’s already a reality thanks to learning management systems.

We love these types of projects! And that’s where INVENTIA PLUS has succeeded in going even further, by developing educational tools for national companies like Vodafone, Iberia or Thomson.


– Document Management

Technology systems and platforms that facilitate the management of the flow of all types of documents in an organisation.


– Websites

We recommend the use of content management platforms, so you can create, edit, search for and publish texts and multimedia content without incurring any additional costs for support. (CMS – Content Management System).

In addition, we also make sure that it is very straightforward and that anyone at all can perform these tasks, and easily find online help, where required.



for mobile devices

These days, there’s no way of knowing if our website or app can be properly visualised on a smartphone, tablet or computer screen, etc. That’s why our designs can be adapted to fit each device and improve user experience.

We work on iOS and Android platforms, both on the development of native apps as well as web apps.

Application development occupies a prominent position in our workload. Our customers are giving us increasingly bigger challenges. We love to give surprises… and we love to be surprised with each new job!