At InventiaPlus, we have a happy, modern, up to date and transparent group of people. Our customer service is an easy going and straight forward one, and at the same time we offer very competitive prices.

This idea has enabled us in the last thirteen years, to go from university entrepreneurs to form a group of 20 friends that like what we do and how we work.

We started as students and scholarship students from CICEI (knowledge management) and have grown at our own rhythm and within our capabilities these last years.

Constant innovation is our secret. We assign 33% of our annual revenue to new processes, services or products that provide an added value to our clients. We are among the few Canarian companies that have an active participation in European projects. We have a global view of our business.

We are aware that the Canary Islands are a great place to live and they house many qualified and experienced people. We are also aware that our market is worldwide and this is where we are at present.

In order to adapt to the changes and needs our clients experience, we work with easy developing methodologies and offer them with pragmatism, flexibility and a good sense of humour. šŸ™‚

We invite you to get to know us by visiting this web, find out what we offer, products and services and contact us to add value to your projects.